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About paradigmQ:
Escape Rooms Vancouver, WA

paradigmQ is fun, exciting and challenging — a collection of the best and most ingenious interactive escape games anywhere!

Challenge friends, family, and co-workers — but don’t dawdle! You only have 60 minutes to work together, find clues, crack codes, and solve puzzles to win!

Switch up your date nights.  Show your out-of-town friends a great time. Have the best birthday party memory. Celebrate your upcoming wedding with a uniquely awesome bachelor or bachelorette party!

Our guests agree: paradigmQ enthralls with creative puzzles, unique challenges, and cool ciphers which put your wits to the test.

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At Escape Games PDX, paradigmQ’s older sister, we set out five years ago to bring escape rooms to Portland. After a grueling 18 months of searching, securing permits, constructing the spaces, and testing — and then retesting! — the game, we finally opened at the end of 2015!

We started with “Sherlock’s Secret” and then quickly built out “Prison Break” not long after. Demand continued to grow.

Thus began our quest to increase the number of escape games available to our guests — many of whom returned to us again and again to seek out new challenges.

Next came “Portlandia” — perhaps out quirkiest room. It’s a fun mix of Portland history and a satire of life in Portland as represented by the beloved and much-admired television show. (We even have Fred Armisen visit us for inspiration for their own sketch on escape rooms!)

This all happened within four months of opening, and it’s been full-steam-ahead ever since.

We couldn’t be happier!

Clients tell us all the time how our escape rooms feature better scenic design, more clever puzzle paths, and a hyper player-focused experience than any other escape rooms in Portland or Vancouver.


We now have five rooms, and we’ve featured seven games. We’re constantly seeking new ways to delight and excite our growing list of new and returning guests.

Plus, we’ve added puzzle pop-up events, offsite citywide scavenger hunts, and more!

We’re proud to have earned the title of No. 1 Escape Room Company in Portland based on reviews scattered across TripAdvisor, Yelp, Google, and Facebook. That’s because our puzzles were challenging, and our experience is welcoming and full of fun surprises.

Visit paradigmQ: The Best Escape Room in Vancouver

Our success would not have been possible without our dedicated staff of gamemasters, designers, puzzlers, and customer service experts.

It seriously takes a village to make all this happen.  

The Best Escape Games: Vancouver

As we embarked on the journey to expand and bring more games to more players, we wanted to find a location that would be both strong for the public sector as well as corporate groups in search of fun and unique team-building activities.

The solution: Vancouver!

Our paradigmQ space provides the perfect blank canvas. Now, we can design to our heart’s content.

In the end, we’re humbled to be able to bring our visions to life and to allow thousands of players to come and escape from the day-to-day and find themselves …

… in a time warp …

… or on a hunt for the legendary Sasquatch …

… or maybe helping one of history’s greatest detectives foil some dastardly plans … !

paradigmQ is waiting for you.

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All the fun things that are happening inside of paradigmQ escape games, but also around town with all things escape room related and some that have nothing to do with them but are just awesome, nonetheless! Check back regularly to keep up to date.

It feels like everyday something new is happening with paradigmQ! We are getting ready to open 2 new rooms that are also an optional competitive play room.  Which means you can play just one with you and your group, or you can play against you group and see who come out victorious. It is the only game of its kind anywhere in the Portland Metro market, and we are really excited about it!  It’ll be great for larger groups as each room can hold up to 8, so maybe a fun competition for company team builds or maybe you have a group of friends that are wildly competitive and you want to go head to head and finally prove who the winning team will be.  Either way, Out of the Past and Into the Future are bound to be amazing games in their own right but doubly fun when paired together!


Escape game rooms actually began online with video games such as Crimson Room in 2004 and the ever-popular game app The Room. In 2007, Real Escape Game out of Japan with the company SCRAP developed the first in person-in room escape game. Quickly, escape rooms began opening all over Asia and soon after that in 2011 all over Europe with the first being from parapark in Budapest. Funny enough, the US didn’t catch the craze until 2013, when Seattle based Puzzle Break brought the first American-based escape game stateside. By the end of 2014, there were an estimated dozen or so in the US and today in 2019, there are more than 2400 locations.

Opinions may vary as to why escape rooms have become so extremely popular. You could ask ten different players and get ten different answers. Some people love the group camaraderie, some enjoy the unknown of what the storyline will uncover, some love being able to use their brains but for fun, some just love the fun of it! There are now niche escape markets like horror, and live action, with multiple actors in the room, and you are now seeing Haunted House companies, Family Entertainment Centers, and theaters adding it to their mix. We are also seeing a lot of companies making the leap into using escape games to help draw in and entice players to see their brands in new and exciting ways. HBO, Ford, and NBC are just a few who have done some notably well-done rooms. Even the good ‘ol England and Buckingham Palace are jumping on trend with a summer game this year!

No matter what the history is, we are thrilled to have been a part of it since 2015 and to hopefully be a big part of future of the industry. Furthermore, no matter the reason you visit, from planning your next team building off site event, to a family reunion, or celebrating a birthday or a bachelor/bachelorette party, to just coming in for a fun time on a random Tuesday night, we look forward to having you create an exciting memory in your escape adventure. You are the reason we stay up late at night trying to come up with the best and most fun puzzles ideas to delight and surprise you!


Whether you like to call them Game Masters, Clue Masters, Escape Guides, or any other handful of great titles, our team is what makes paradigmQ a great place to work and a great place to play!  Each and every one of our team brings their own style and pizzazz to their role but at the top of everyone’s list, is to bring a great experience to every single team that plays at our building.  Our goal, “win”, “lose”, or “draw” (yes-we’ve had an escape at 00:00!), is that you walk away with a fun memory that you can talk about with your friends and family (providing they played with you or else, don’t give away the secrets!) for a long time.

Training to be a Game Master is both simple and extremely complex.  You don’t have to know every code to every lock for every room (although most do), but you do have to know how to help teams get pumped to start their escape, to help them progress through the room with the right balance of hints, nudges and clues and then support and cheer them on for the entire 60 minutes, or less if they escape quickly!  The best part, every group and every game is different so it keeps everyone on their toes.

If you are totally sold on the idea of being the Game Master behind the curtain, please send us an email and your resume HERE.



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